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  • 1000W Inverter 12V - 230V Power
    Description 1000W Power Inverter 1000W continuous, 2000W peak power (start up) Connects directly to vehicle battery 12v DC to 230v AC High performance cooling fan Low battery voltage alarm Over voltage protection Output: modified sine wave Output frequency 50-60hz Alumin..
    Ex Tax: €108.54 €108.54 (€133.50 inc tax)
    Description 400A 12V 5 in 1 power pack  Versatile, compact and portable power pack used to assist the jump starting of vehicles with engines up to 2500cc 12v/20Ah Portable power - two 12v DC power supply sockets USB power supply 120psi compressor LED worklamp Compa..
    Ex Tax: €81.30 €81.30 (€100.00 inc tax)
  • 150W 12V - 240V Power Inverter
    Use with any 12v vehicle battery Run 240V AC powered equipment anywhere 3 pin socket Converts 12 V battery Supply to 230V AC High performance cooling fan On/off switch Low battery voltage alarm Auto overload protection Works with any appliance up to 150W Ideal for camping, Caravanning &..
    Ex Tax: €28.10 €28.10 (€34.56 inc tax)
    30AMP BATTERY CHARGER This fantastic charger is suitable for applications including cars, vans and tractors. Suitable for 12 or 24v lead acid batteries. Portle and robust design * Ammeter to show charging current * Fully insulated metal clips * Carrying handle * Robust steel case * Fast carg..
    Ex Tax: €80.49 €80.49 (€99.00 inc tax)
  • Cigar Socket Power Inverter
    Ex Tax: €18.30 €18.30 (€22.51 inc tax)
  • Cobra Jumpack 400A CPP 7500 E
    Jump start your car and charge your mobile devices - Multiple times 200 Amp Starting Current, 400 Amp Peak Current -  Jump starts most cars. 2.1 Amp USB Port for Rapid Charging of Portable Devices - Quickly charge your cell phone, smartphone, tablets and other mobile devic..
    Ex Tax: €91.06 €91.06 (€112.00 inc tax)
  • Cobra Solar USB Charger 2.1amp
    2.1 Amp rapid charging for portable devices - Quickly charge your cell phone, smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices. High efficiency solar panel - For rapid charging times. Rechargeable via USB or solar panel 4 LED meter  - Indicates battery level. 3.7V/6,000mAh..
    Ex Tax: €36.59 €36.59 (€45.01 inc tax)
  • Electronic Smart Charger
    4 amp electronic battery charger 6v/12v  automatic charging Fast charge 4amp, slow charge 1.5amp 3 step charging programme Suitable for Motorcycle and Leisure batteries and cars and vans USB port 5v/0.5amp Automatically diagnoses, recover,charges and maintains batteries  Charges WET..
    Ex Tax: €0.00 €0.00
  • Maypole Power Inverter 150w USB
    When travelling with electrical devices it is useful to be able to charge them or power them for use. Camping and traveling can be when electrical devices are needed the most and having a power source like your car battery would be really handy. The Maypole power inverter gives you this option by..
    Ex Tax: €28.86 €28.86 (€35.50 inc tax)
    Metal cased 20 amp dual voltage battery charger Output 12/24v - 12amp effective Fast charge and boost functions Suitable for cars,vanst,ractors,commercial vehicles and leisure batteries Ammeter clearly shows charging rate Robust steel cast with carrying handle For all low mainten..
    Ex Tax: €69.11 €69.11 (€85.00 inc tax)
  • Sealey Solar Panel 1.5w
    Amorphous solar panels convert daylight directly into 12V electricity. Suitable for maintaining charge in a wide range of batteries and power packs. Ideal for batteries stored in boats and caravans and for batteries in vehicles in long-term storage. Advanced technology solar panels require ..
    Ex Tax: €32.52 €32.52 (€40.00 inc tax)
  • XS 800 - CTEKs smallest 12V charger
    The XS 800 is CTEKs smallest 12V charger...
    Ex Tax: €28.93 €28.93 (€35.58 inc tax)