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Kielder Works Team

The origins of our Kielder Tools are simple; developed from the hands-on knowledge that you only get in the workshop, garage or service park, rather than a boardroom! We create products for our own use and like-minded people - those inspired by Mechanical Motion and Engineering.

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Kielder Works Team

18V 1/2" 430nm Impact Wrench (Includes 3 impa...


Ex Tax: €256.10

Kielder IMPACT WRENCHIdeal for automotive use as well as a range of engineering and workshop applications. Powered by a smooth digital brushless motor and fuelled by a high-tech Samsung Li-Ion battery, the Kielder KWT-002 1/2” Impact Wrench delivers high torque performance (430Nm) in a compact size ..

Kielder Works Team

18V 1/4" IMPACT DRIVER KWT-005-07


Ex Tax: €186.99

Boasting 200Nm of torque and 3250 impacts per minute, this compact, lightweight Impact Driver makes simple work of the most demanding applications. Powered by a digital brushless motor and fuelled by Samsung Li-Ion batteries which enhances the performance, as well as offering longer run-ti..

Kielder Works Team

18V 3/8" IMPACT WRENCH KWT-002-17


Ex Tax: €185.37

Featuring 3/8" square drive allowing you to fit slim-line sockets (from 6mm diameter), this lightweight, compact wrench is ideal when working on smaller fastenings in hard-to-reach areas. So whether you're removing a car's oil pan or even servicing a go-kart, the nimble KWT-002 3/8" is the perfect t..

Kielder Works Team

Kielder Combo Kit - CPKF7


Ex Tax: €695.12

Fully customisable and transportable tool storage solution, supplied with Batteries, Charger and Accessories in Custom Cut Flexi Foam.A professional quality, heavy-duty case; ideal for motorsport service crews, race & rally teams, plus any application / industry where mobile tool and equipment s..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €39.84

Designed to fit in a car’s (18") spare wheel - securely holds and protects Kielder KWT-002 Impact Wrench.Made from cut foam insert - if required, you can trim down to your own bespoke size.Ideal for motorsport - Impact Wrench can be quickly accessed and reduces the need for extra straps and restrain..

Kielder Works Team

18V 1/2" 700NM IMPACT WRENCH KWT-012-51


Ex Tax: €313.01

kIELDER IMPACT WRENCH 700NMPowered by a smooth, frictionless digital brushless motor and fuelled by a high-tech Samsung Li-Ion battery, the Kielder KWT-012 1/2” Impact Wrench delivers huge torque performance (700Nm) from a short-body (172mm length). Market leading power-to-weight ratio – weighs just..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €156.91

18V Kielder DRILL DRIVER This cordless drill kielder driver offers exceptional performance to drive fixings or drill large hole through tough material. Perfectly balanced when in use this is a drill which can be used for hour after hour, both because of the comfort and the state of the art powe..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €300.81

18V 115MM Kielder cordless ANGLE GRINDERPowered by a digital brushless motor, this versatile 18v Li-ion Angle Grinder can be used for an array of grinding & cutting applications. The long-run 4.0Ah batteries typically provide 15-20 minutes grinding performance each, so you can enjoy the freedom ..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €82.11

For use with any Kielder TYPE18 Product either as an additional battery pack or replacement.Compatible with:KWT-012 1/2" 18v Impact WrenchKWT-002 1/2" 18v Impact WrenchKWT-002CS 1/2" 18v Impact WrenchKWT-001 18v Drill DriverKWT-001 18v Combi DrillKWT-002 18v 3/8" Impact WrenchKWT-005 18v Impact Driv..

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