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Kielder Works Team

The origins of our Kielder Tools are simple; developed from the hands-on knowledge that you only get in the workshop, garage or service park, rather than a boardroom! We create products for our own use and like-minded people - those inspired by Mechanical Motion and Engineering.

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Kielder Works Team

18V 1/2" 430nm Impact Wrench (Includes 3 impa...


Ex Tax: €256.10

Kielder IMPACT WRENCHIdeal for automotive use as well as a range of engineering and workshop applications. Powered by a smooth digital brushless motor and fuelled by a high-tech Samsung Li-Ion battery, the Kielder KWT-002 1/2” Impact Wrench delivers high torque performance (430Nm) in a compact size ..

Kielder Works Team

18V 1/4" IMPACT DRIVER KWT-005-07


Ex Tax: €186.99

Boasting 200Nm of torque and 3250 impacts per minute, this compact, lightweight Impact Driver makes simple work of the most demanding applications. Powered by a digital brushless motor and fuelled by Samsung Li-Ion batteries which enhances the performance, as well as offering longer run-ti..

Kielder Works Team

18V 3/8" IMPACT WRENCH KWT-002-17


Ex Tax: €185.37

Featuring 3/8" square drive allowing you to fit slim-line sockets (from 6mm diameter), this lightweight, compact wrench is ideal when working on smaller fastenings in hard-to-reach areas. So whether you're removing a car's oil pan or even servicing a go-kart, the nimble KWT-002 3/8" is the perfect t..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €39.84

Designed to fit in a car’s (18") spare wheel - securely holds and protects Kielder KWT-002 Impact Wrench.Made from cut foam insert - if required, you can trim down to your own bespoke size.Ideal for motorsport - Impact Wrench can be quickly accessed and reduces the need for extra straps and restrain..

Kielder Works Team

18V 1/2" 700NM IMPACT WRENCH KWT-012-51


Ex Tax: €313.01

kIELDER IMPACT WRENCH 700NMPowered by a smooth, frictionless digital brushless motor and fuelled by a high-tech Samsung Li-Ion battery, the Kielder KWT-012 1/2” Impact Wrench delivers huge torque performance (700Nm) from a short-body (172mm length). Market leading power-to-weight ratio – weighs just..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €156.91

18V Kielder DRILL DRIVER This cordless drill kielder driver offers exceptional performance to drive fixings or drill large hole through tough material. Perfectly balanced when in use this is a drill which can be used for hour after hour, both because of the comfort and the state of the art powe..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €300.81

18V 115MM Kielder cordless ANGLE GRINDERPowered by a digital brushless motor, this versatile 18v Li-ion Angle Grinder can be used for an array of grinding & cutting applications. The long-run 4.0Ah batteries typically provide 15-20 minutes grinding performance each, so you can enjoy the freedom ..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €82.11

For use with any Kielder TYPE18 Product either as an additional battery pack or replacement.Compatible with:KWT-012 1/2" 18v Impact WrenchKWT-002 1/2" 18v Impact WrenchKWT-002CS 1/2" 18v Impact WrenchKWT-001 18v Drill DriverKWT-001 18v Combi DrillKWT-002 18v 3/8" Impact WrenchKWT-005 18v Impact Driv..

Kielder Works Team



Ex Tax: €28.46

Kielder Deep Impact Socket Set Contains: 17mm, 19mm & 21mm Sockets, plus holder for convenient storage.Manufactured from high quality Chrome Molybdenum steel, offering increased durability.Strong and robust inner wall, whilst still maintaining slimline outer diameter for easy access to sun..

Showing 1 to 9 of 11 (2 Pages)