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Brian James Trailers

Brian James Trailers

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 TrailerStuff are official suppliers of Brian James Trailers and parts in Ireland. Brian James Trailers are designed, manufactured and tested to class leading standards with a range of different commercial trailers to choose from. Call our Trailer Sales Department on +353 (0)74 9741466 for a quote or more information on new trailers to suit your requirements. 

Brian James C4 blue trailers

C2 & C4 Blue Transporter Trailer

C2 BLUE and C4 BLUE trailers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations with either single or twin axles. Several models fit comfortably inside a standard garage, perfect if storage space is an issue.

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a2 transporter trailer

A2 & A4 Transporter 

The Transporter range represents the ultimate evolution in trailer design. With a strong, durable galvanised chassis, low bed height and a range topping 3000kg gross capacity. Transporter trailers are perfectly suited for vehicle recovery, professional transport and motorsport alike.

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car hauler brian james trailer

 Car Hauler

Car Hauler represents everything that a true Brian James Trailer embodies. Light, low and capable combined with an extremely attractive value for money price. The choice of lengths, either 4.0m or 4.9m will readily provide for almost any requirement, especially with its 2.0m wide bed. The base trailer can also be specified with 12" or 13" wheels to suit different environments. 

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T - Transporter  Car Trailer

T - Transporter 

The T Transporter has been the first choice for professional vehicle transport since its introduction. Now it's even better with a new chassis, the addition of wider and longer models as well as a host of new features and options. Offering 3 bed widths and 3 different lengths it is plain to see why the T Transporter is first in class in vehicle transport.

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general plant trailer

General Plant

General Plant is a tough and highly configurable range of trailers. Spanning the multi-purpose and plant trailer categories, it’s available in multiple lengths and widths as well as single, twin and tri-axle variants.

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RS2 Shuttle

RS2 Shuttle

The Race Shuttle 2's attractive GRP clamshell body is simple to load and secure, in addition to providing security with low drag aerodynamics when moving your classic car. Race Shuttle 2 is the latest model in the highly successful Race Shuttle trailer format. Catering for smaller saloon cars such as the popular Ford Escorts MKI and II

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RS3 Shuttle

RS3 Shuttle

Unique and innovative design abounds in the Race Shuttle 3. A full one piece body lifts high to reveal a loading platform similar to that of an open trailer. This provides excellent access into the trailer for vehicle strapping, with the top then pulled and locked down to completely enclose the car within.

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Brian James Race Sport

Race Sport

The brand new Race Sport is in every sense a Brian James Trailer from the coupling to the tail lights. Advanced design and product quality at this level is not unusual for Europe’s leading car transporter trailer designers. Standard daylight roof, standard gullwing doors, standard access hatches and a composite GRP body

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 Race Transporter 4

Race Transporter 4

Race Transporter 4 is ideal for providing a large, usable fully enclosed transportation space for vehicles up to mid sized road cars and larger race cars. All models in the range feature a full width, full height rear door ramp with gas spring assistance, offering easy access. The tilt-bed models accommodate competition cars with a low ground clearance and will eliminate loading issues.

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Race Transporter 5

Race Transporter 5

Race Transporter 5 features a high standard specification to provide a working platform for any owner whether commercial or private. Race Transporter 5 can be ordered in a choice of lengths, widths and capacities. The low bed, chassis provides stable and safe towing.

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Race Transporter 6

Race Transporter 6

Offeringa two width options, the widest being the same as an HGV transporter, the Race Transporter 6 is quite capable of transporting wide race and sports cars. Additional space is invaluable for creating a useful working environment for daily transport operations and creates a capable work facility for small teams at race meetings.

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CarGo Connect Compact

CarGo Connect Compact

Adaptable to meet a vast array of different requirements, all available to be created from a standard base trailer. To provide this adaptability a whole host of new and unique solutions have been developed. We think of it as reconfiguration on demand. Every available option can be added or removed at anytime, from brand new, or whenever required in the future.

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CarGo Connect by Brian James

CarGo Connect

As well as a uniquely configurable concept, CarGO Connect sets new standards in trailer engineering quality and value for money. The resulting longevity of chassis and components will continue to deliver results well into the future. Platforms sizes are offered from 4.0m through to 6.0m long, in two standard widths.

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CarGo Tipper Trailer 2

CarGo Tipper 2

CarGO Tipper2 is a versatile trailer, capable of transporting heavy bulk materials, large machinery, or even low ground clearance mowers among hundreds of other applications.   Sharing the same core strengths as the rest of the Brian James Trailer range, the CarGO Tipper2 is equally at home on highways, byways or backroads.

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Eco Plant trailer

Eco Plant

Featuring a reinforced deck with beavertail, raised sides and punched steel ramps as standard, the Eco Plant provides effortless loading and towing for mini-diggers to dumpers, shredders to scissor-lifts. Strong and versatile, the Eco Plant delivers excellent quality and exceptional value.

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cargo digger trailer

CarGo Digger Plant2

The innovative CarGO Digger Plant2 range provides a modern, advanced and compliant transport solution for many tracked excavators and plant machines such as chippers and shredders. With obvious appeal to larger organisations the ideas pioneered in Digger Plant2 also translate to medium and small size fleets.

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