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Energy Springs

Model: 457-15841
Energy spring for Bradley 3500 kg. Couplings for HU3HE, 8HE, HU12 & 14RTP..
Ex Tax:€69.11
Model: 457-15861
Indespension energy store to suit all Indespension couplingsIndespension part no.  ISCP019..
Ex Tax:€89.43
Brand: Knott Model: 457-90194
Energy store with metal casing for 2700kg - 3500kg couplingsKnott- Avonride energy spring.This kit fits  2000KG - 3500KG (Knott   KF27    KFG27  KFG30  KFG35   KRV30)Avonride  AV27    AC30  AC35 and others240mm long.The mounting post is 75mm fro..
Ex Tax:€78.05
Brand: Knott Model: 457-90192
Oil damped energy store for all KFG coupling models.KFG13, KFG20, KFG27, KFG30, KFG35KFGL35, KRV30-35..
Ex Tax:€63.41
Brand: Knott Model: 457-90195
Oil damped energy store for KF7.5 - KF27, KRV13 - KRV20...
Ex Tax:€75.20
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