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Complete range of Nielsen Vehicle cleaning products available to order online.

Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-0663
Nielsen Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner is a truly universal cleaner, designed to be the most versatile product for use in the automotive sector. The excellent grease cutting power of Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner makes it ideal for removal of oil and grease from engine bays, door shuts, worksho..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06610
The Nielsen 1.5L Solvent Pump Sprayer is a technically advanced device for spraying large quantities of liquid, fitted with heavy-duty solvent resistant seals. An ideal took for applying brake cleaners within the automotive industry.Only to be used with solvent-based chemicals never acids or water b..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06600
Nielsen trigger spray bottleChemical resistant - great for Tar & Glue Remover, Wheel Cleaners or Jizer.600ml capacity with dilution % indicator..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06608
Nielsen Tyre Dressing is an easy to use dressing designed to provide a deep gloss finish to your vehicles tyres. Tyre dressing can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces, and is perfect for use on all tyres, rubber and mud flaps.Directions for use    Spray directly or apply by brush or sp..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06612
NAP Low Foam is a highly concentrate fabric cleaner capable of removing the heaviest soiling from upholstery, carpets and fabric trim. Designed for use with a spray/extraction machine, it will remove nicotine stains, grease spots, ingrained ash, mud, chocolate stains, oil and other blemishes.NAP Low..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-0661
Nielsen Tar and Glue Remover is a solvent-based tar, oil and adhesive remover. Tar & Glue Remover contains a blend of solvents, providing a rapid means of removing both tar and excess deposits from the interiors and exteriors of vehicles.BENEFITS:Removes tar spots, oil and adhesive residuesFor i..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06627
New high-performance detergent, bio-degradable, with a strong dirt-detaching power. It is easy to rinse and does not dry out. This product is fit for quick washing of cars, trucks, tanks, tarpaulins, engines, wheels. Suitable for self service car-washing plants, sprayers, automatic and hand washing ..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06613
Nielsen Acid Wheel Cleaner is a powerful cleaner designed to quickly and efficiently remove even the heaviest deposits and brake dust from wheels. Acid Wheel Cleaner contains an acidic blend which dissolves the bond between brake dust and the wheel allowing for rapid removal – without the need for e..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-0662
Nielsen Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner is a powerful cleaner designed to remove road film, oil, grease and brake dust from wheels and aluminium sided vehicles. Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner’s high alkaline formula also removes unsightly oxide films from aluminium surfaces, cleaning and improving the appearance..
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