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Complete range of Nielsen Vehicle cleaning products available to order online.

Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06605
Nielsen Interior Cleaner is a complete cleaner for upholstery and plastics, designed to provide an immaculate finish. Also safe on car exterior bodywork, and can effectively be used to remove insects from your car.Direction for use    Allow a short contact time, agitate if required, the ri..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06609
Nielsen Interior Dressing provides flawless results everytime, Interior Dressing leaves a high sheen finish on your vehicles plastics, vinyl and rubber, to instantly revive the cockpits appearance. Also provides exceptional results as an engine dressing.Directions for use    For best resul..
Ex Tax:€6.10
Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06601
Nielsen Leather Maintainer is a premium leather cleaner and reviver, designed to enhance the appearance of your car’s interior and restore that new look finish. Manufactured using essential blend of oils, Leather Maintainer ensures that your vehicle interior maintains its natural suppleness and shee..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06607
Nielsen Window Cleaner is an easily applied glass and perspex cleaner designed to produce a crystal clear finish; it rapidly removes all residue left by flies, road film and nicotine. Containing a powerful anti-misting agent, Window Cleaner will ensure you have complete clarity for driving in all we..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-0663
Nielsen Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner is a truly universal cleaner, designed to be the most versatile product for use in the automotive sector. The excellent grease cutting power of Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner makes it ideal for removal of oil and grease from engine bays, door shuts, worksho..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06610
The Nielsen 1.5L Solvent Pump Sprayer is a technically advanced device for spraying large quantities of liquid, fitted with heavy-duty solvent resistant seals. An ideal took for applying brake cleaners within the automotive industry.Only to be used with solvent-based chemicals never acids or water b..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 457-25013
Satin Black Paint is a quick drying black spray paint with exceptional covering power. Most surfaces can be covered in one coat without any fears of runs being formed. Satin Black dries to a durable satin finish.BENEFITS:Quick drying, satin finish black paintImparts a smooth durable satin finish to ..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06600
Nielsen trigger spray bottleChemical resistant - great for Tar & Glue Remover, Wheel Cleaners or Jizer.600ml capacity with dilution % indicator..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06615
Wax Rinse is a specialised blend of shine enhancers and de-watering agents designed to aid the repelling of water and drying without smears. Wax Rinses’ water-repellent film improves vehicle finish and resists re-soiling and weatheringBENEFITS:Sheds water and dries without smears for improved finish..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06614
Nielsen XL Shampoo is a unique vehicle shampoo containing paint conditioners and wax to leave the vehicle with a ‘just polished’ shine. Water is shed rapidly after cleaning to reduce the need for excessive chamois drying, and the quick rinsing effect remains for a number of weeks after washing.BENEF..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06608
Nielsen Tyre Dressing is an easy to use dressing designed to provide a deep gloss finish to your vehicles tyres. Tyre dressing can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces, and is perfect for use on all tyres, rubber and mud flaps.Directions for use    Spray directly or apply by brush or sp..
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Brand: Nielsen Model: 456-06603
Nielsen Wheel Cleaner is a premium grade wheel cleaner designed to give a high shine finish. This product is highly effective at removing brake dust, traffic film and oil. developed with corrosion inhibitors this product is suitable for regular usage, on both steel and alloy wheels.Directions for us..
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