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Tailgate Fittings and Fastners

Model: 457-2003
Antiluce fastener 25mm long x 12mm diameter bolt...
Ex Tax:€2.03
Model: 457-201
Antiluce fastener bolt on.M8 x 40mm ..
Ex Tax:€2.03
Model: 457-203
Tailgate eye plate, self colour 155x50mm. with 25mm dia hole..
Ex Tax:€2.19
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-2020
Small antiluce plate to suit 8mm antiluce fastener...
Ex Tax:€1.54
Model: 457-2056
Bonnet Catch, rubber body. Overall length 130mm...
Ex Tax:€4.47
Model: 457-205-
Cotter lug (tailgate lug), galvanized with M12 bolt..
Ex Tax:€2.03
Model: 457-2051
Cotter with spring pin and chain (sword & chain),Pin is 80mm long with a 190mm long chain zinc coated..
Ex Tax:€2.03
Model: 457-204
Weld on Gudgeon Pin with a 12mm diameter pin. Self Coloured...
Ex Tax:€1.46
Model: 457-2119
Retaining wire with PVC sleeve approx. 9"x1.5mm dia...
Ex Tax:€1.22
Model: 457-208
Shoot bolt, small 75x40x10mm. dia., galvanized..
Ex Tax:€3.25
Model: 457-2113
Sprung cotter pin 10mm. dia., 60mm. long..
Ex Tax:€2.03
Model: 457-2061
Tailgate hinge strap.Self coloured. Dimensions 150x30x6mm. with 12mm. eye..
Ex Tax:€2.44
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