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Model: 457-3314
Mild steel weld on leaf spring hangerInside width 52mmInside height 50mm to bolt centreBolt diameter 14mmFabricated from 8mm steel..
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Brand: Maypole Model: 457-1123
2.5m 8 core curly extension lead with 8 pin plug to 8 pin flying socket, used to supply lighting functionality to trailers.Extension lead from 8 pin p..
Ex Tax:€30.08
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-018174
Magnetic LED Mini Beacon Light Bar is suitable for:CarsVansLarge VansRecovery Vehicles 4×4 vehicles250mm in lengthMagnetic mount30 x 3W high inte..
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Brand: Maypole Model: 457-39020
790L x 220W x 370H 14″ Deluxe Single Plastic MudguardManufactured in Europe, our range of deluxe single plastic mudguards offers excellent quality wit..
Ex Tax:€14.63
Brand: Brian James Options Model: 457-1263
Brian James Trailers T-Handle latch with lock and gasket.Stainless steel corrosion resistant latchOverall dimensions - 124.5mm x 120mmHole centers - 9..
Ex Tax:€75.61
Brand: Maypole Model: 270-054
7-core cable, 7x16/.2 (.5), price per meter..
Ex Tax:€1.63
Model: 457-3912
Heavy duty mudguard bracketLength 210mm Heavy duty 6mm steel with clear zinc plate finish..
Ex Tax:€4.88
Brand: Radex Model: 457-0681
Radex Side Amber round ReflectorDiameter 60mmDepth 8mm5mm centre hole..
Ex Tax:€1.22
Model: 457-981
Rocking staple. Ring 42x30x6mm. dia. Staple 45x20mm. with 6mm. dia. holes @ 30mm centres..
Ex Tax:€1.24
Model: 457-3110
3/8 u.n.f. spherical Wheel nuts. These wheel nuts have a 3/8 u.n.f. thread. Socket size 11/16Sold Individually   ..
Ex Tax:€0.98
Brand: Knott Model: 457-17540
Knott Avonride KFG35 cast delta coupling 3500 kg. Capacity fitted with a hitch lock and breakaway cable..Uses 48mm. dia. ribbed jockey wheels. Commonl..
Ex Tax:€324.39
Model: 457-1113
Extension lead with 7-pin plug and in-line socket, 6m. long..
Ex Tax:€16.26
Model: 457-09492
Product FeaturesHigh impact plastic housingHardened glass lensDust & waterproofStainless steel mounting bracketVibration cycle: 50Hz-500HzRoHS com..
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Brand: Maypole Model: 457-16634
Constructed for standard duty applications, up to 75kg static nose weight, such as small leisure trailers 34mm outer tube diameter Height extensio..
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Brand: Maypole Model: 457-4074
Description Parallel side roller bracket zinc plated c/w spindle, washers, split pins, nut & bolt Suitable for use with 34mm stem pos..
Ex Tax:€12.85