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Brian James Trailers
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-1726
Genuine Alko AK161 head to fit Alko 161S couplings up to 1600kgIncludes reducing shims for smaller drawtube diameters This new version includes a..
Ex Tax:€56.91
Brand: M-Way Model: 457-8211
Rubber push in strip to seal the open track under the M-Way Roof Bars.Prevents wind whistle and reduces drag.Requires cutting to length...
Ex Tax:€13.00
Brand: Brian James Options Model: 457-166390
BJT auto folding jockey wheel assemblyWheel is raised automatically during retraction & locks in the raised position. It is released automatically..
Ex Tax:€126.42
Brand: Aspock Model: 457-02250
12v Tail-stop, direction indicator, fog light, number plate light, triangle reflector.Left hand side light (Near-side)5 pin Bayonet connection, bulbs ..
Ex Tax:€19.11
Brand: Aspock Model: 457-02290
12v Tail-stop, direction indicator, fog light, number plate light, triangle reflector. Right hand side light (Off-side)5 pin Bayonet connection, bulbs..
Ex Tax:€19.11
Brand: Maypole Model: 270-054
7-core cable, 7x16/.2 (.5), price per meter..
Ex Tax:€1.38
Model: 457-3912
Heavy duty mudguard bracketLength 210mm Heavy duty 6mm steel with clear zinc plate finish..
Ex Tax:€3.66
Brand: Radex Model: 457-0681
Radex Side Amber round ReflectorDiameter 60mmDepth 8mm5mm centre hole..
Ex Tax:€0.81
Model: 457-981
Rocking staple. Ring 42x30x6mm. dia. Staple 45x20mm. with 6mm. dia. holes @ 30mm centres..
Ex Tax:€1.24
Model: 457-213
Rope hook, weld on, self colour, flat backed 12mm. dia...
Ex Tax:€0.83
Brand: Knott Model: 457-17540
Knott Avonride KFG35 cast delta coupling 3500 kg. Capacity fitted with a hitch lock and breakaway cable..Uses 48mm. dia. ribbed jockey wheels.&nb..
Ex Tax:€275.61
Model: 457-1113
Extension lead with 7-pin plug and in-line socket, 6m. long..
Ex Tax:€14.63
Model: 457-09492
Product FeaturesHigh impact plastic housingHardened glass lensDust & waterproofStainless steel mounting bracketVibration cycle: 50Hz-500HzRoHS com..
Ex Tax:€15.85
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-16634
Constructed for standard duty applications, up to 75kg static nose weight, such as small leisure trailers 34mm outer tube diameter Height extensio..
Ex Tax:€17.89
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-4074
Description Parallel side roller bracket zinc plated c/w spindle, washers, split pins, nut & bolt Suitable for use with 34mm stem pos..
Ex Tax:€12.76