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Father's Day Sale
Father's Day Sale
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M-Way Roof Boxes
Brand: Wurth Model: 950-0311
Contains 31 pieces: 30 bits with a length of 25 mm and 1/4 inch mounting, along with a bit holderFeatures a colour-coding system for easy identificati..
Ex Tax:€16.79
Brand: Wurth Model: 950-0309
Steel working drill bits with a point angle of 118°, designed for cold-formed assembly.High-speed steel twist drill bit suitable for general use in st..
Ex Tax:€25.61
Brand: Wurth Model: 950-0216
Premium nitro-alkydal qualityUser-friendly applicationExceptional spreading characteristicsRapid drying timeSuperior coverageCompatible with various p..
Ex Tax:€15.61
Wurth Industrial Cleaner Aerosol 500ml Wurth Industrial Cleaner Aerosol 500ml
New -20 %
Brand: Wurth Model: 900-2502
High-quality cleaner designed to effectively remove adhesive tape residue, labels, film stickers, and tough dirtNSF-certified for quality assuranceEas..
€12.32 €15.40
Ex Tax:€10.02
Wurth Adhesive Lubricant Grease Spray HSW 100 (500ml)
New -20 %
Brand: Wurth Model: 900-2501
Premium white lubricating grease of superior qualityWater displacement propertiesProvides effective anti-rust protectionEnsures long-lasting lubricati..
€11.99 €14.99
Ex Tax:€9.75
7 Core Cable
-20 %
Brand: Maypole Model: 270-054
7-core cable7x 0.65mm² coresSold per meter..
€1.60 €2.00
Ex Tax:€1.30
Heavy-Duty Mudguard Bracket Heavy-Duty Mudguard Bracket
-20 %
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-3912
Heavy duty mudguard bracketLength 210mm Heavy duty 6mm steel with clear zinc plate finish..
€4.80 €6.00
Ex Tax:€3.90
PVC End Cap 50x25mm PVC End Cap 50x25mm
-20 %
Model: 457-2155
PVC End Cap for box iron50mm x 25mm outer box measurement..
€0.80 €1.00
Ex Tax:€0.65
Rocking staple
-20 %
Model: 457-981
Rocking staple. Ring 42x30x6mm. dia. Staple 45x20mm. with 6mm. dia. holes @ 30mm centres..
€1.22 €1.52
Ex Tax:€0.99
3/8" UNF wheel nut
-20 %
Model: 457-3110
3/8 UNF spherical wheel nutsThese wheel nuts have a 3/8 UNF threadSocket size 11/16Sold Individually..
€0.94 €1.18
Ex Tax:€0.77
 Knott 64mm Euro wheel bearing kit
-20 %
Brand: Knott Model: 457-35271
Knott 64mm Euro wheel bearing kit Bearing numbers: 45887.10  I133454RRS.Z OD = 64mm..
€49.60 €62.00
Ex Tax:€40.33
 Knott 72mm Euro  wheel bearing kit.
-20 %
Brand: Knott Model: 457-35270
Knott 72mm Euro wheel bearing kit. Bearing number: 45887.11  I133972RRS.2 OD = 72mm ID = 39mm Depth = 37mm Comes with one shot nut  and..
€38.40 €47.99
Ex Tax:€31.22
"SuperSeal" for Indespension 200/203mm
-20 %
Model: 457-9032
Bearing seal for Indespension 200/203mm. drum, use with bearing savers..
€21.60 €27.00
Ex Tax:€17.56
"SuperSeal" for Indespension 250mm. drum
-20 %
Model: 457-35516-BSL70487SS
"SuperSeal" for Indespension 250mm. drum..
€27.59 €34.49
Ex Tax:€22.43
1" Taper Bearing Kit 1" Taper Bearing Kit
-20 %
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-3520
Kit comprises of 1 off 44643 bearing and 1 off 44643L bearing with integrated seal Designed to fit 1” (25.4mm) stub axles Direct replacement for b..
€12.79 €15.99
Ex Tax:€10.40
Knott KFG35 3500 kg cast coupling Knott KFG35 3500 kg cast coupling
-20 %
Brand: Knott Model: 457-17540
Knott Avonride KFG35 cast delta coupling 3500 kg capacity fitted with a hitch lock and breakaway cable.Uses 48mm diameter ribbed jockey wheels. Common..
€336.00 €420.00
Ex Tax:€273.17
Extension lead, 6m. long
-20 %
Model: 457-1113
Extension lead with 7-pin plug and in-line socket, 6m. long..
€16.00 €20.00
Ex Tax:€13.01
Boreman 12v Square Compact work lamp
-20 %
Brand: Boreman Model: 457-09492
High impact plastic housingHardened glass lensDust & waterproofStainless steel mounting bracketVibration cycle: 50Hz-500HzRoHS compliant..
€15.60 €19.50
Ex Tax:€12.68
34mm Standard duty telescopic jockey wheel 34mm Standard duty telescopic jockey wheel
-20 %
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-16634
Constructed for standard duty applications, up to 75kg static nose weight, such as small leisure trailers 34mm outer tube diameter Height extensio..
€18.00 €22.50
Ex Tax:€14.63
 Parallel Side Roller Bracket 16mm  Parallel Side Roller Bracket 16mm
-20 %
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-4074
Parallel side roller bracket zinc plated c/w spindle, washers, split pins, nut & bolt Suitable for use with 34mm stem posts  Overall..
€14.40 €18.00
Ex Tax:€11.71