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Buffers, Pads and Snubbers

Protect your boat when transporting with our Buffers, Pads and Snubbers - Buy online here at

Model: 457-404
Flat rubber pad 12"x 40mm wide..
Ex Tax:€8.94
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-4041
Flat pad (side buffer) 457x44x25mm...
Ex Tax:€11.79
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-4011
Black bow snubber blockHeight 95mm, base width 75mm, overall width 113mm, depth 75mmBore diameter 22mmWeight 500g     ..
Ex Tax:€6.91
Model: 457-400
Keel block 6" long x45mm. with 2xM10 mounting studs..
Ex Tax:€6.91
Model: 457-403
Rubber buffer 150x50x50mm. 75mm. bolt-hole centres..
Ex Tax:€4.88
Model: 457-4031
Rubber buffer 200x50x50mm., 115mm. bolt-hole centres..
Ex Tax:€8.54
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