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Boreman Work Lamps

Brand: Boreman Model: 457-09001
Brackets and fastenings made from stainless steelThe reflector is manufactured using injection molding to enhance optical precisionSurfaces are made from top-grade aluminised materialThe polymer used is lightweight and can withstand high temperaturesCompliant with RoHS regulationsThe housing is desi..
Ex Tax:€44.72
Brand: Boreman Model: 457-09492
High impact plastic housingHardened glass lensDust & waterproofStainless steel mounting bracketVibration cycle: 50Hz-500HzRoHS compliant..
Ex Tax:€15.85
Brand: Boreman Model: 457-09005
All components are made of stainless steel for durability and strength.The reflector is injection-moulded to ensure precise optical performance.The surfaces are aluminised to provide a top-grade finish.The polymer used is lightweight and can withstand high temperatures.The product is compliant with ..
Ex Tax:€67.50
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