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Brand: Wurth Model: 900-227
Wurth Zink Hell Bright Zinc Galva Spray for refinishing damaged hot-galvanised work. Provides ferrous metals with long term protection from corrosion. 400ml...
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Brand: Wurth Model: 900-234
High-quality adhesive and sealing compound for use in the automotive sector. Excellent resistance to chemicals Can also be used in critical areas in which the seal comes into contact with various liquids Outstanding resistance to engine oil and transmission oil, refrigerant and anti-fre..
Ex Tax:€32.11
Brand: Wurth Model: 900-2304
Fast flash-off behaviour and excellent cleaning performance Fast and effective removal of soot, grease, brake dust and oily residues Residue-free cleaning   Acetone-free Good material compatibility with paints, plastics, seals and rubber   AOX-free and silicone-fre..
Ex Tax:€7.56
Brand: Wurth Model: 900-2251
Wurth Hand Cleaner - 4000ml (4L).   Hand cleaner for medium to heavy soiling with natural exfoliating particles. Gentle on the skin Cleans and protects High proportion of substances with prophylactic effect prevent skin irritation pH-neutral and soap-free Dermatologically tes..
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Brand: Wurth Model: 900-231
For bonding metal, plastic and rubber parts with and to each other in a matter of seconds. Patented special cap One-handed operation Precise dispensing Prevents you from gluing the tip   Bonds in seconds Can be processed immediately Fast repairs Simple construct..
Ex Tax:€15.29
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