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Towing Relays

Brand: Maypole Model: 456-4783
A 7 way bypass relay is connected directly to the vehicles lighting circuits to control the lights on a trailer and caravan. The relays do not put any extra load onto the vehicles lighting system. The relays also feature a built in audible buzzer that monitors the trailer and caravan indicators. All..
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Model: 400-0403
24 volt, 10/20 amp with bracket. . 5 x 6.3mm terminals...
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Model: 456-47837
This charging relay is designed to work with 12S applications and will charge an auxiliary battery, and power an auxiliary unit like a fridge, whilst the towing vehicle is running. This also means it will protect the towing vehicles battery when the vehicle is switched off.Combination caravan relay ..
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Brand: Maypole Model: 457-1182
A 7-way bypass relay is connected into the towing vehicles lighting circuits and is designed to control the lights on a trailer or caravan. This relay does not put any extra load onto the towing vehicles electrical system. The relays also has a built in buzzer for monitoring the trailer indicators. ..
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