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Towballs and Towing Jaws

Brand: Maypole Model: 457-1534
Combined ball & pin hitch commonly fitted to 4x4's, pick-ups and commercial vehicles to allow hitch or towing eye trailers to be towed. The D Value of the hitch is 20.2Kn.The S Value of the hitch is 350kg.It is approved according to UN/ECE Reg 55.The hitch has two M16 mounting bolt fixing holes...
Ex Tax:€31.71
Model: 457-1533
50mm ball and pin black hitch Commonly fitted to commercial vehicles to allow hitch or towing eye trailers to be towedSpecificationsD value = 20KnS value = 350KgApproved to Reg 552 x M16 mounting bolt fixing holes90mm fixing centresApproval number: E11 55R 0111231..
Ex Tax:€32.52
Model: 457-1481
Towing pin for tractor mowers and other agricultural uses. 16mm dia. x 152mm usable length. Supplied with retaining lynch pin and chain...
Ex Tax:€9.76
Model: 457-1531
Bradley Ball & Pin assembly 3500 kg. capacity E.U. approved..
Ex Tax:€121.14
Model: 457-1896
Heavy Duty Ball and Pin Assembly with 2 BoltsFeatures a zinc and clear passivate finishAL-KO Part Number: 185002015Ball Size: 50mmD Value: 17.2 kNVertical Load S Value: 250 kgPin Diameter: 25mmTowing Capacity: 3500 kgWeighs 5 kg..
Ex Tax:€77.24
Model: 457-1482
Dixon Bate pin/lanyard/tag 3500 Kg. 25mm. dia., 122mm. long..
Ex Tax:€27.64
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-152
EU Approved 50mm towballD Value : 17.2KnS Value : 350KgHighest rated standard towballAll standard 90mm fixing centresEU approved to Reg 552 x M16 mounting bolt fixing holes Use only BS3692 grade 8.8 H.T. bolts with lock washersTorque to 240 NmCheck torque again after first use and regularly the..
Ex Tax:€10.57
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-154
EU Approved High Reach towball Provides clearance for caravan couplings with integral stabilizer (e.g. AL-KO & Winterhoff) Black finish 2 x M16 mounting bolt fixing holes..
Ex Tax:€13.82
Model: 457-1554
High tensile M16x75mm towball bolts & nuts. Set includes 2 bolts, 2 nuts & 2 star washers..
Ex Tax:€6.26
Model: 457-1555
High tensile M16 mounting bolt set. M16x100mm. bolts x2 and M16 locking nuts x2..
Ex Tax:€6.08
Model: 457-1510
Threaded 50mm. towbal with 70mm. L. x 19mm. dia. shank, 500 kg...
Ex Tax:€10.16
Model: 457-151
Threaded 50mm. towball with 70mm. L x 22mm. dia. shank, 1250 kg. capacity..
Ex Tax:€11.38
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