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Universal Spares

Model: 457-63001
5/16" UNF brake rod. Price per 90cm length...
Ex Tax:€12.60
Model: 457-6261
M8 Clevis for trailer brake rod...
Ex Tax:€3.25
Model: 457-6265
Clevis pin & split pin set to suit M8 & 5/16" clevises, 26mm. long pin, 8mm. dia...
Ex Tax:€1.63
Model: 457-6262
M10 clevisSuitable for M10 thread brake rod bar..
Ex Tax:€4.47
Model: 457-6306
M10 rod connector for joining 2 lenghts of M10 rod, supplied complete with 2no. M10 nuts..
Ex Tax:€1.22
Model: 457-636
Single axle brake compensator for clevis end cables..
Ex Tax:€6.92
Model: 457-635
Brake cable equalizer for twin axle trailers.Mechanism used to pull all 4 brake cables on a twin axle trailer...
Ex Tax:€15.04
Model: 457-62891-BRKS131
Ex Tax:€0.81
Model: 457-6183
Clamp for wire cable Suitable for 3mm cable..
Ex Tax:€0.81
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