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Hitch Locks

Brand: Alko Model: 457-18124
Complete lock assembly for the new generation ALKO coupling heads. This simple security device prevents the coupling mechanism from operating.Supplied with 2 keys, safety security ball and fitting instructionsThe plastic cover on the handle needs to be removed, and the lock clicks into place.Su..
Ex Tax:€23.58
Brand: Alko Model: 457-18002
Bradley "cappit" security nutPrevents easy removal of the coupling bolt. Suitable for use with coupling heads with M14 boltsUse in conjunction with coupling lock / coupling safe...
Ex Tax:€18.70
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-187
Lock and key that prevents the coupling handle from being operated.Small brass lock that inserts into many pressed steel coupling and Knott cast heads to stop operation of the handle.This prevents coupling or uncoupling from a towing vehicle...
Ex Tax:€4.06
Brand: Knott Model: 457-183
Barrel lock to suit Knott-Avonride coupling headsThis lock inserts from the top of the coupling down and includes two keys and PVC lock cover to protect the lock.Knott Avonride part no. 575000Used on Ifor Williams Trailers, Nugent Trailers and many more...
Ex Tax:€15.45
Brand: Knott Model: 462-5151
Security Ball (knott Blue)  575006. Colour may vary..
Ex Tax:€5.28
Brand: Alko Model: 457-181
Alko Coupling Lock and Security Ball to suit PROFI V tow ball couplingIncludes bolts and 2 keysAlko Part No. - 1222692Suitable for most Brian James Trailers with ALKO cast steel heads. (A4 Transporter, C4 Blue etc.)..
Ex Tax:€21.55
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-180
Bradley coupling lock, fits all Bradley couplings with large hole on the left of the copling head...
Ex Tax:€9.76
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-123
Steel coupling safe complete with hardened steel close shackle padlock and 2 keysFits most steel pressed couplings 230 x 110 x..
Ex Tax:€18.29
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-129
Universal coupling suitable for most standard 50mm couplings Product locates into coupling preventing unauthorised hitching  Non-corrosive body Supplied with 2 keys ..
Ex Tax:€12.20
Brand: Maypole Model: 462-5152
Universal hitch lock, Fits most standard 50mm couplings, Blocks coupling to prevent theft, Case hardened 12mm steel bar, Durable cast steel body..
Ex Tax:€15.85
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