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Safety Cables

Brand: Alko Model: 457-1673
Breakaway safety cable for Alko over-run couplings.Activates the brakes by pulling on the handbrake in the event that the trailer becomes uncoupled during towing.The cable should be attached to the towing vehicle via a specific attachment point on the vehicles towbar and should not be looped around ..
Ex Tax:€10.16
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-1676
Suitable for braked trailers and caravans3mm x 1m red PVC coatingVehicle fitting: CarabinerTrailer fitting: Burst ringBrakeaway cable is coated in a red PVC sleeve..
Ex Tax:€5.69
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-1677
Cable is fitted with a clevis and pin instead of a split ring Suitable for Ifor Williams applications 1m x 3mm Vehicle fitting: carabinerBrakeaway cable is coated in a red PVC sleeve..
Ex Tax:€5.69
Model: 457-16714
Galvanised Secondary Coupling Chain6 link safety coupling chain with 65mm towball ringSuits up to an M12 bolt..
Ex Tax:€5.28
Model: 457-16713
Galvanised Secondary Coupling Chain16 link 1/2" safety coupling chain with 60mm pear shaped ringSuits up to an M14 bolt..
Ex Tax:€9.76
Model: 457-16712
Secondary Coupling620mm Steel CableHook and loop endsOrange protective sheath..
Ex Tax:€7.72
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-1671
Length of 400mmEquipped with a forged snap hook for vehicle fittingFeatures an eyelet for trailer fittingCable diameter measures 5mm..
Ex Tax:€6.91
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-1672
Breakaway cable is coated in a fluorescent yellow PVC sleeveDesigned for use with braked trailers and caravansFeatures a 3mm x 1m yellow PVC coating for added protectionEquipped with a carabiner for easy vehicle fittingIncludes a burst ring for secure trailer fitting..
Ex Tax:€5.69
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