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Launching Trolley Wheels

Brand: Maypole Model: 457-16881
Description 15" (385mm) puncture proof tyre Closed cellular foam construction with polypropylene centre 1" (25.4mm) plain bore Weight capacity 130kg..
Ex Tax:€26.83
Model: 457-1688
Pneumatic Launching trolley wheel400x8 inflatable tyre, 4 ply, with PVC rim. Bore lengh approx. 66mm. x 25.4mm. (1") diam. 220 kg. capacity..
Ex Tax:€13.64
Model: 457-16812
"Sandhopper"  wheelPVC rim for use on sand or soft ground giving trolleys and cart ease of movement.1" dia. center bore to suit 1" axle...
Ex Tax:€9.76
Model: 468-1581
Plastic spindle bush 35mm. OD x 26mm. ID..
Ex Tax:€0.83
Model: 457-41233
Flat washer 27mm. inside dia. with 3.75mm. thickness. Suitable for shafts of lauching trolley wheels, wheel barrow wheels etc....
Ex Tax:€0.50
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