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Hub Assemblies

Model: 457-3502
Description Heavy duty, unbraked hub assembly. Cast steel body, 4 studs (M12) on 100mm. PCD. OD of hub 59.78mm. Bearings fitted: Outer & Inner 44643. Fits 1" dia. stub axle...
Ex Tax:€23.58
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-3501
Description Cast Steel Hub.  4 studs on 4" PCD. Designed to fit  1” (25.4mm) stub axlesComes with a grease nipple. (If your hub does not have a grease nipple it may be a 4x100mm PCD hub) Supplied complete with 4 conical nuts, bearing kit & plastic hub cap..
Ex Tax:€22.76
Brand: Knott Model: 457-3568
Knott unbraked hub with 100mm PCD. Fitted with 571005 sealed bearing. (64x34x37mm)Suitable for small trailers such as ATV trailers, unbraked car trailers, boat trailers, dog trailers etc...
Ex Tax:€47.15
Brand: Alko Model: 457-35198
ALKO hub and stub axle kit4x100mm hubfits 50mm (2") box axleBearing 30 x 60 x 37mm Alko part no. 581736Dust Cap Alko part no. 1235356..
Ex Tax:€53.66
Model: 457-35236
Description Hub Nut & Washer. Stake Nut for Sealed bearings. Suitable for Ifor Williams Sealed Bearings. Ifor Williams part no. F1014..
Ex Tax:€4.07
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