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Bearing Buddies 65mm

Bearing Buddies 65mm
Bearing Buddies 65mm
  • Model: 457-3537
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65mm aluminium machined bearing saver

The Bearing Buddies are designed specifically to replace the hubcaps on Boat & Jet Ski trailers, both braked and free running versions. Once installed, the Bearing Buddies will protect your wheel bearings from corrosion.
The Bearing Buddies machined from corrosion resistant materials and designed to create a differential pressure system that prevents water entering the bearings and stub axle. The unit can be fitted to any make of trailer. 
Grease is pumped into the Wheel Buddy via the offset grease nipple. Once the void between stub axle and bearings is primed full of grease.
When grease is seen to exude from the relief valve, the wheel bearings and stub axle are fully protected and ready for use. 

Sold as pair.

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