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Full range of the most popular vehicle detailing and cleaning products from Autoglym.

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Autoglym Active Insect Remover


Ex Tax: €8.13

Insect remains are not just unsightly, but can be damaging to your paintwork, often leaving a permanent blemish. Active Insect Remover's rich foam allows any insects to be easily wiped away with a microfibre cloth leaving you with a clean car again. How to use 1. Shake well and spray direc..


Autoglym Air Fresh Tag


Ex Tax: €1.22

Ideal finish to any car, van, box trailer or shuttle trailer clean.FEATURESPleasant berry fragranceLong lastingIndividually packed to retain freshness..


Autoglym Autofresh


Ex Tax: €6.91

For long lasting freshness, spray onto your carpets and fabric mats. How to use this product1. Apply sparingly to carpets or trim fabric. Remove unwanted overspray with a clean microfibre cloth. Avoid use on nubuck leather, suede, plastic and painted surfaces.2. If smells persist, clean the are..


Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes


Ex Tax: €6.61

There is nothing worse than getting back to the car and finding a bird has kindly deposited a dropping on your paintwork. We are sure they aim for the clean cars, so we developed these single use wipes.These allow droppings to be wiped away easily, leaving you with a clean car again. Bird droppings ..


Autoglym Bumper & Trim Gel 325ml


Ex Tax: €9.35

Bumper & Trim Gel is a rich gel that instantly transforms and protects all exterior unpainted plastic and rubber surfaces, returning them to their original deep colour. ..


Autoglym Car Glass Polish 325ml


Ex Tax: €7.72

A deep cleaning cream for crystal clear vision inside and out.Car Glass Polish is specially formulated to increase visibility through your windscreen for safer driving.The easy to use, deep cleaning solution removes traffic film, grease, wax, nicotine, insects and water deposits.Suitable for use on ..


Autoglym Clay Bar Kit


Ex Tax: €32.93

If you are serious about your paintwork, you have probably heard of a clay bar.The clay bar removes bonded contaminants, the stubborn deposits that stick to paintwork, dulling the finish and affecting the gloss.The Clay Detailing Complete Kit will help you achieve an incredible silky finish. Co..


Autoglym Clean Wheels 500ml


Ex Tax: €8.94

Clean Wheels is a powerful and fast acting formula that cuts through corrosive brake dust and road grime.Suitable for use on lacquered alloy, painted, and plastic wheel trims...


Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner


Ex Tax: €9.76

It is safe for use on all wheel types including alloy, lacquered alloy, steel, chrome, painted, anodised and plastic covers.If you have split rims use Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner.How to use this productEnsure your wheels are cool to the touch as working on hot wheels may result in damage.Working on..

Showing 1 to 9 of 23 (3 Pages)