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Hubs, Brake Drums & Hub Spares

Best prices on trailer hubs, brake drums and spares from industry leaders such as Indespension, Knott and ALKO Kober.

Knott Hub & Stub Kit Knott Hub & Stub Kit
-20 %
Brand: Knott Model: 457-35149
Knott Hub and stub axle kit4x100mm hubfits 50mm (2") box iron. (5mm wall)The square sub is 40 x 40mm...
€46.40 €57.99
Ex Tax:€37.72
Renolit Aqua 2 Grease - 500g Tub
-20 %
Model: 457-2565
Fuchs Renolit aqua 2 is a grease that is resistant to seawater.It is available in a 500G tub.This grease is specifically designed for boat trailer wheel bearings.It meets the specifications of DEF STAN 91/3411, MOD XG 286, and NATO 9150-99-224-8885 for water resistant greases.The grease is made with..
€14.80 €18.50
Ex Tax:€12.03
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