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Coupling Dampers

Brand: Alko Model: 457-15859
AL-KO 251 S long coupling damper. For couplings from 1990-current year.AL-KO part no. 370589.Extended length, eye centre to centre 505mm.Used in Brian James Trailers - A4 Transporter, C4 Blue etc...
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-158598
Genuine ALKo damper for 251s short coupling.AL-KO part no. 372641Length extended 325mm (centre of eye to centre of eye)..
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-158596
Coupling damper (also referred to as a shock absorber or gas strut) for an AL-KO coupling model 90S/S1/S2/S/3 post 1985 to present.Damper part number 359987. (Older dampers may have a 100mm extension , later replaced by an eye incorporated into the shaft)Fits AL-KO couplings with the ..
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-15872
Shock absorber damper to suit an ALKO 161s coupling.AL-KO 161S Coupling Damper (1989 - current year)AL-KO no. 370556Capacity 950KG TO 1600KG.Length 530mm long.Bolt centres are 505mmRelated part no. -  581468, 370557, 370558...
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-158941
Authentic AL-KO 351 Profi V Coupling shock absorberSuitable for trailers with a gross weight ranging from 2000-3500kgAL-KO Part Number: 1217090Length from eye to eye: 408mmTotal length: 432mmCoupling ETI number: Eti 811523Specifically designed for AL-KO couplings on trailers and caravansWeight: 1kg..
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-15894
AL-KO trailer overrun damper.The damper is suitable for the overrun device 2.8 VB/1 PROFI made by AL-KO.The maximum total GVW of the trailer can range from 2500 to 3500 kg.The total length of the damper is 605 mm.The piston diameter is 27 mm.AL-KO is the manufacturer of the damper.The catalog number..
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-79213
This authentic BPW damper is designed for ZAF 1.5-2 couplings with part number 48.27.58x.xxxSuitable for weight range of 750Kg to 1500KgAL-KO part number: 4014932One end features a round tube that is 30mm long with a 12mm holeThe body of the damper is 170mm long and includes a rubber bush that is 30..
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-158595
AL-KO 150V Euro Damper is specifically designed for trailers and caravans equipped with AL-KO hitches.The AL-KO PART NUMBER for this damper is 690389.The length of this damper is 530mm up to the end of the thread.The thread itself measures 40mm in length.It weighs 0.6kg, making it a lightweight yet ..
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Brand: Knott Model: 457-15857
Coupling damper for Knott 3000 cast couplingM12 Bolt..
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Brand: Knott Model: 457-15852
Coupling damper to fit Avonride/Knott 3500 kg. couplings KFG35. Extended length, centre of eye to start of thread, 590mm...
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Model: 457-15840
Suitable for Bradley HU3HE (post 1996)  Quality dampers from German manufacturer Stabilus Dimensions on drawing (mm); A1 - 28 A2 - 24 B - 12 C - 24 D -10 E - 12 F1 - 18 F2 - 14 G - 340 H - 495..
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Brand: Alko Model: 457-158592
Description Suitable for ALKO 251 Long Quality dampers from German manufacturer Stabilus Dimensions on drawing (mm); A1 - 18 A2 - 54 B - 12 C - 24 D - 8 E - 12 F1 - 28 F2 - 36 G - 380 H - 510 J - 18..
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