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Wide stock of electrical connectors available to order here.

Brand: Aspock Model: 457-04016
Aspock 5 Pin Bayonet Connector - FemaleUsed on many Aspock lighting systems.the female end is usually the trailer side.The 5 pin plug is used on the Brian James A Transporter, as well as other models...
Ex Tax:€6.91
Brand: Aspock Model: 270-05426
Aspock 5Pin Bayonet Connector - Male..
Ex Tax:€5.69
Model: 400-0245
Heavy Duty Battery Terminal Negative Suitable for 25mm-50mm² 11mm Cable Hole..
Ex Tax:€8.13
Model: 400-0235
Heavy Duty Battery TerminalPositiveSuitable for 25mm-50mm²11mm Cable Hole..
Ex Tax:€8.13
Model: 400-0234
Heavy Duty Battery Terminal  Suitable for 25mm-50mm² 14mm  Positive Heavy Duty Battery Terminal..
Ex Tax:€4.47
Model: 400-024
Battery Terminals  8mm Lug  Negative ..
Ex Tax:€4.88
Model: 400-023
Battery Terminal  8mm Lug Type Positive ..
Ex Tax:€4.88
Brand: Euromotive Group Model: 456-8883
Colour: BlueSolder Heat Shrink Butt ConnectorWire Size: 1.5 – 2.5mm2Length is 40mm - can also be cut to size..
Ex Tax:€0.44
Brand: 247 Lighting Model: 456-4645
Black Jump Lead Grip BlackZinc PlatedInsulated PVC SleeveClamp Size: 15.5 x 10.5cm..
Ex Tax:€4.07
Brand: 247 Lighting Model: 456-4644
Red Jump Lead Grip Red Zinc platedInsulated PVC SleeveClamp Size: 15.5 x 10.5cm..
Ex Tax:€4.07
Brand: Maypole Model: 457-0815
Description Waterproof and dustproof Easy to fit crimp to connect For use with flat lighting cable..
Ex Tax:€0.41
Brand: 247 Lighting Model: 457-10910
Heat shrink terminals creates a water resistant crimped joint between cables when heatedBlue0.5mm² - 1.5mm² To usePlace the two wire ends into the connector and crimp to mechanically join. Heat the Heat shrink tubing to shrink forming a waterproof seal.Sold individually ..
Ex Tax:€0.40
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